Claim Center

If a covered loss occurs, the insured person must perform the following duties:

  1. Give us immediate notice. In case of theft, vandalism, malicious mischief, also notify the police.
  2. Protect the property from further damage. Make the necessary and reasonable repairs to protect the property.
  3. Make a list of all damaged or destroyed property, showing in detail quantities, costs, actual cash value and amount of loss
  4. Send to us, within 60 days after a loss, proof of loss signed and sworn to by the insured person.
  5. Exhibit the damaged property to us or our representative, as often as may be reasonably required.
  6. Permit us to conduct individual examinations of each insured under oath by a person named by us
  7. Permit us to take samples of damaged property for inspection, testing and analysis.
  8. Produce for examination all books of account, bills, invoices, receipts and other vouchers as we may reasonably require
  9. Produce receipts for any increased costs to maintain your standard of living while you reside elsewhere and records pertaining to any loss of rental income.
  10. Cooperate with us and assist us in any matter relating to a claim or suit.

Fire claim
Contact your agent immediately to let them know that you have had a fire. An adjuster will contact you to meet with you. Do not disturb the fire scene.

Wind, tornado
Contact your agent immediately. Protect the property from further damage.

Vandalism, Theft & Malicious Mischief
Contact the police and then contact your agent. Protect the property from further damage.

Refrigerated Products
Contact your agent. Make a list of all of the items ruined with quantities and price listed.

Water Damage
Contact your agent immediately. Soak up as much water as possible and put fans and dehumidifiers in the area to dry out and keep air circulating.

Overturn, Collision or Foreign Object Intake
Contact your agent immediately.

Death of Livestock
Contact your agent immediately. The death must be caused by a peril we insure against. You must contact a veterinarian to perform a post-mortem examination. In no event will we provide coverage if reported more than 48 hours after death.

Lightning and All Other Claims
Contact your agent immediately.